Day 5 – Elevator Pitch

Today’s task: What’s your elevator pitch?
(Don’t get intimidated by this one. By elevator pitch we just mean… what are you excited about (personal or business)? What are you building or want to build? You know, the fun stuff in your life that you actually care about.)

There was even a little more guidance in the prompt, starting with the following questions:

  1. What am I excited about?
  2. Why am I excited about it?
  3. How will it help people? Who does it serve?
  4. How does it uniquely tie into my story, passions, talents and/or experience?
  5. Why do I care and why should the world care?

Umm. If I knew the answer to those questions, I wouldn’t be here trying to discover myself, I’d be out there doing it.

If you read my other blog posts you know that I’m excited about linguistics. Like really excited. The thing is, while I have great fun, I don’t find it all that fulfilling. Probably because of question 3. The vast majority of people have subconscious knowledge of language and can use it. Knowing about how it works doesn’t really serve anyone, it doesn’t make your life better. Except of course if you belong to that minority that cannot use language. But for now, I haven’t found the passion for speech pathology.

I do believe that contributing is much more important to fulfillment than consumption. So finding something that both excites me and will help people seems to be the key to continue my search.

Maybe my job now is to find a way to apply my knowledge in a way that makes lives better. I just don’t quite know how yet.



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